Albany Telugu Association Elections Voting

This year Election Committee has chosen electronic voting via website called . EC has reviewed more than half a dozen sites and picked this as this is best suitable and secured. With this site, password will be sent to individual emails that are unknown to anyone but you, not even Albany Telugu Association Board or Election Committee as they are sent by the voting site. Password is alpha-numeric code auto generated so no one can guess. The best feature is, it keeps anyone from knowing the votes casted. Only the final tally will be known to determine the results. Election Committee unanimously selected this site.

Election Date: November 15, 2014

Start Time: 00:00 hours EST/EDT

End Time: 23:59 hours EST/EDT

Please see the instruction for online voting in this document( ) and also at Albany Telugu Association Website -> Voting. Hope Election Committee was able to meet the current need of the hour in conducting the election as fairly and openly as possible, we are open for your feedback for improvising this process for coming year.

Thank you,
Election Committee for the term 2015
Venugopal Daroori, Harish Chakilam, Venkateswara Rao Ande.